Tom Chlystek for Illinois House of Representatives District 82

Moving Illinois Forward

I officially declare myself as candidate for Illinois State Representative in the 82nd District. I currently serve as the 4th Ward Alderman of Darien and am forever grateful for the people that I have met and the things that I have been able to accomplish while serving the residents of Darien. Being a public servant for the past three years has resulted in me wanting to do more to help others and I believe that being a state representative will allow me to do that on a grander scale.

Although I am currently Alderman of Darien my background is much deeper than that. I am a husband, a father and a career engineer. All of this gives me a great appreciation for community and family and as State Representative I will make it my mission to improve the communities that I represent and the lives of the people in them.

As I declare my run in the Illinois House of Representatives District 82 general election I ask for your support in my run against career politician Jim Durkin.

It is no secret that the State of Illinois has seen better days and it is time that we start to make some significant changes. One of the biggest issues we face today is a deteriorating educational system. If I am elected one of my primary objectives will be to make sure that every child has access to a good affordable education.

Public education is just one of many key issues that have been neglected for far too long and we need to work together to move Illinois forward. For years the State of Illinois has been kicking the can down the road, in hopes that one day all of the issues will fix themselves. The reality, however, is that for us to have true success in addressing the issues that currently plague the State of Illinois we will have to put aside our differences and work together. It is time to take a more responsible approach on how the State of Illinois spends its money so that not only will we have a balanced budget but also that the public pensions are funded as expected and that the residents of this great state have access to the services that they so rightly deserve.

During my time as Alderman of Darien I have made it my goal to continue improving the quality of life for the residents of Darien. This has included opposing the asphalt plant along Route 83 and preventing a trucking company from moving in to a predominantly family area.

I want to thank you for your time and hope that I can have your support during the election. If elected I will strive to be transparent and financially responsible while assuring that all residents are treated fairly and have access to a good education.